Application Management

  • Summary

    ASL is the key to application administration and management. The framework of the Application Services Library includes the processes and activities that come into play in application management. From management to maintenance and renewal.

    New releases of software are being rolled out at ever increasing frequencies which means that application management is become more and more important. Participants can use the EXIN Application Management Foundation with reference to ASL certificate to prove that they are familiar with the conceptual framework, processes and activities of application management.

  • Course Content

    1. The context of Application Management
      1. The position of Application Management
      2. The process-based approach to the business organization
      3. The relationship between Application Management and standards, frameworks and methodologies relating to the field
    2. The Application Management processes
      1. Content of the Application Management processes
      2. Objective and results
      3. Activities
      4. The structure and context of the Application Management processes
    3. The use of Application Management
      1. Application Management messages
      2. Implementing Application Management
  • e-Competence Framework (e-CF)

    e-CF Area e-Competence e-1 e-2 e-3 e-4 e-5
    PLAN A.4 Product / Service Planning
    A.6 Application Design
    BUILD B.1 Application Development
    B.2 Component Integration
    B.3 Testing
    RUN C.1 User Support
    C.2 Change Support
    C.3 Service Delivery
    C.4 Problem Management


    Legend for coverage:

    General - The competence is covered at the level indicated
    Partial - The competence is covered to some extent
    Superficial - Relevant knowledge is covered to some extent
    The competence level is available in the framework
    The competence level is not available in the framework
  • Target Group

    The module is intended for people working in application management on a daily basis: application managers, functional and technical designers, programmers, testing staff, team and project managers.

  • Exam Details

    • Exam Duration: 60 Minutes
    • Exam Format: Multiple Choices
    • Number of Question: 40 Questions
    • Exam Pass Mark: 26 out of 40 (65%)
    • Level of Qualification: Foundation
    • Electronic Devices Permitted: No
    • Open Book: No


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