Exin Cloud Computing Foundation

  • Summary

    The EXIN Cloud Computing Foundation certification provides you, clearly and concisely, the basics of Cloud Computing. EXIN Cloud Computing Foundation is unavoidable a tiny bit technical, however emphasizes the characteristics, (dis)advantages, and general management aspects of Cloud Computing.

    Benefits of Cloud Computing

    Typography The primary benefit of cloud computing is reduced cost for everyone involved. Software vendors do not have to spend thousands of hours supporting users over the phone... they would simply maintain and repair a single central copy of the product online. Conversely, users wouldn't have to shell out the large up-front costs of fully purchasing word processing, spreadsheet, or other end user products. Users would instead pay nominal rental fees to access the large central copy.

  • Course Content

    1. The principles of Cloud computing
      1. The concept of Cloud computing
      2. The evolution towards Cloud computing
      3. Cloud computing architectures
      4. Drivers and limitations of Cloud computing
    2. Implementing and managing Cloud computing
      1. Building local Cloud environment
      2. Managing Cloud services
    3. Using the Cloud
      1. Accessing the Cloud
      2. Cloud and the business processes
      3. Service providers and the Cloud
    4. Security and compliance
      1. Securing the Cloud
      2. Identity and privacy
    5. Evaluation of Cloud computing
      1. The business case
      2. Evaluating implementations
  • e-Competence Framework (e-CF)

    The mapping of this certificate against the e-Competence Framework.

    e-CF Area e-Competence e-1 e-2 e-3 e-4 e-5
    PLAN A.2 Service Level Management
    BUILD B.2 Component Integration
    B.4 Solution Deployment
    RUN C.2 Change Support
    C.3 Service Delivery
    ENABLE D.4 Purchasing
    D.8 Contract Management
    MANAGE E.5 Process Improvement
    E.8 Information Security Management


    Legend for coverage:

    General - The competence is covered at the level indicated
    Partial - The competence is covered to some extent
    Superficial - Relevant knowledge is covered to some extent
    The competence level is available in the framework
    The competence level is not available in the framework
  • Target group

    EXIN Cloud Computing Foundation is for everyone playing a role or having an interest in the use and management of internet based services. Specific roles that would benefit are:

    • Management Positions (Commercial, IT, Procurement, Finance, etc.).
    • IT Professionals (Administrators, Service Managers).
    • Staff of Service Providers
  • Exam Details

    The topics of the Foundation course include:

    • Exam Duration: 60 Minutes
    • Exam Format: Multiple Choices
    • Number of Question: 40 Questions
    • Exam Pass Mark: 26 out of 40 (65%)
    • Level of Qualification: Foundation
    • Electronic Devices Permitted: No
    • Open Book: No


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